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Of course, this website uses WPCDN acceleration. The site runs on our WordPress-optimized web hosting. Static items (images, CSS and JavaScript) are served from the content delivery network.

Miles, Sears & Eanni, a law firm in Fresno, uses our CDN and web hosting. We developed their website and designed their new logo, which captures the essence of the historic building where their offices are located.

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Streaming and Downloads

WPCDN is ideal for serving smooth video, including live streaming events and on-demand content. While a single server can choke under a heavy load, our network can easily handle large audiences.

"Star Trek" clip: "Kirk Meets Uhura" (Flash streaming)
"Star Trek" clip: "Space Jump" (QuickTime progressive download)
“Star Trek” clips copyright 2009 Paramount Pictures. Used with permission.

With WPCDN, you can offer high-speed file downloads from our network without straining your web server. Multiple simultaneous downloads are no problem.

10 MB download speed test
100 MB download speed test

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