WordPress Acceleration

WPCDN can speed up your website(s) significantly by storing your static content (for example images, JavaScript and CSS) in multiple locations on the network, and serving them from the location closest to each visitor.

Our service can also dramatically increase the number of visitors that your site can handle. Have you been Slashdotted or featured on Digg.com? No problem. WPCDN can easily handle unexpected traffic, even millions of visitors.

Easy Setup

When you sign up for our service, you’ll list the domain(s) you’d like to accelerate. We’ll set up a process called origin pull that automatically mirrors your static content to the network by loading it from your server the first time it is requested. Once an item has been added to the network this way, it is replicated quickly across the CDN so it can be delivered immediately to future visitors.

Once your account is set up, you’ll just need to use a WordPress plugin to redirect URLs to the content delivery network. Our WPCDN plugin makes it easy, with only one field of data to enter.

WPCDN plugin

Once you save your settings, your website will be accelerated automatically. You can deactivate the plugin at any time and immediately return your site to its original configuration.

You can download the plugin here.

W3 Total Cache

Our service is also compatible with the extremely popular W3 Total Cache plugin, which includes powerful caching and WPCDN-compatible URL rewriting, making it an all-in-one solution (not requiring our plugin).

If you’re not sure which approach is best for you, feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to take a look at your site(s) and make a recommendation.

CNAME Support

WPCDN supports CNAMEs, or custom subdomains for your CDN URLs. For example, you might want your static content to appear to come from cdn.yourdomain.com. To create a CNAME, you will need to have access to your domain name records, or your web hosting provider will need to be able to set it up for you. Our order form includes optional fields for entering your desired CNAMEs. If you use this option, you will receive the appropriate instructions when your account is set up.

CDN WordPress Acceleration Packages

WPCDN offers affordable prices without any long-term commitments. All of our packages are month-to-month, and you can change plans to meet your needs.

Name Bandwidth Price Order
WPCDN25GB 25 GB $6 monthly
WPCDN50GB 50 GB $11 monthly
WPCDN75GB 75 GB $15 monthly
WPCDN100GB 100 GB $18 monthly
WPCDN250GB 250 GB $40 monthly

All prices are in US dollars. Bandwidth overages are billed at $0.20 per GB. Each plan includes free origin pull setup for five domains. All domains in a package share the available bandwidth. There is a one-time $2 service charge for each additional origin pull setup. Each origin pull setup includes one CNAME setup for the same domain at no additional cost. All plans are subject to our Terms of Service.

For different package configurations or any other needs, please contact us.

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